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Caravan in India - Everything You should know before your first Trip | Tips for Beginners.

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No need for Hotel, Taxi, Flight or Restaurants. Travel in your own Home and Stay safe from Virus. #CaravanRoadTrip #CaravanTipsforbeginners #BestCarav...

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No need for Hotel, Taxi, Flight or Restaurants. Travel in your own Home and Stay safe from Virus.

#CaravanRoadTrip #CaravanTipsforbeginners #BestCaravaninIndia

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Welcome back to my Channel.

This is the second episode of my One-month long Caravan trip which I did in India with my pug.

In this episode, I am covering questions like -
1. What type of license is needed to drive a caravan?
2. What other vehicle documents license are needed while on the trip?
3. How to pay Road Taxes?
4. What to Pack for a caravan trip, is it different from a normal road trip?
5. Where and How to Park a Caravan in India?

It was a dream trip for me and my pug "Popu".
I travelled 8000 km through 10 states in 28 days.
I started from Delhi and then travelled through U.P., M.P., Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, BAck to Karnataka, Goa, again Maharashtra, Gujrat, Rajasthan & Haryana.
The Journey was full of fun & adventure. One of my best trip with my pug "The Popu"

I travelled in a campervan because I didn't want to stay in a hotel or take public transport during this covid time.
The Caravan does have a sleeping facility for up to 5 people and also equipped with a Kitchen & Washroom with a Shower.

With this series, Let's travel virtually to India in a campervan. This series will definitely give you some major Travel goals and will also highlight the challenges of travelling in a caravan or travelling with your pet in India.

This trip was done in association with these Brands.

1. Evolvere - An Award-winning Hair Products Company - which is a one-stop solution for all your hair related needs while travelling or otherwise. They have a wide range of products and they took care of my hair while being on this trip. Their Instagram - www.instagram.com/evolvereofficial

2. Carvaa Travellers - Most innovative Caravan Renting company in India right now. The Caravan in this series is designed by these guys only and it's till date the only legal caravan which can be hired and driven by anyone with a normal license in India. Their Instagram - www.instagram.com/carvaa.india

I am very new in making videos, and I am still learning, so please help me grow this channel by giving your feedback and suggestions. Please press the bell icon, if you like my work and this video.

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Caravan in India - Everything You should know before your first Trip | License, Taxes, Laws.
Travel Tips
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