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Are you planning to construct a new house or willing to renovate your existing house with amazing lights? then you may be seeking for best lights whol...

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Are you planning to construct a new house or willing to renovate your existing house with amazing lights? then you may be seeking for best lights wholesaler in the market but most of the stores across the city sell branded lights with little profit margin, so that doesn't going to help you in saving money to get best lighting product for your residential or commercial building. Many of us always try to save some money while purchasing best product in the market for our needs but we couldn't save due to no one won't offer best products at lowest prices but fortunately we found one company who manufacture LED lights in Hyderabad and sell all their products at very reasonable prices which can be afford by any people.

CHANDRA LED brand located in bowrampet, Hyderabad. They do bring raw material and assemble LED bulbs and lights since last four years and selling them across all over India under very cheapest prices. They do make different type of LED bulbs for residential and commercial purposes. Those light models which we buy from other marketing brands will also be available under this brand at very low price. Prices are 20-50% Less than other light brands in the market. Those who are willing to resale their bulbs can also approach them and start their own light business across the Andhra & Telangana states.

Those regular customers who wish to get lights under wholesale prices can visit their warehouse and purchase them. Following is the full address and contact details.


Bowrampet, Near Gandimaisamma, Medchal Dist.
CALL : 9010763868

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