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Bhimashankar trek, also known as "King of all treks" is a beautiful trek Located inside the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Sahyadris...

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Bhimashankar trek, also known as "King of all treks" is a beautiful trek Located inside the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Sahyadris.

00:00 Bhimashankar trek starting point
00:40 Diversion for Bhimashankar trek
00:52 Ganesh temple (Halt 1)
01:05 Dividing Bhimashankar trek into 4 halts
02:20 Finally, a stream found during Bhimashankar trek
03:09 How to reach Nhimashankar from Pune and Neral and Karjat
03:55 Cost of taxi and Tumtum from Karjat and Neral
04:52 View of Bhimashankar during a halt
05:11 Bhimashankar wall view point (Halt 2)
05:57 First diversion to Padargad fort
06:24 Second diversion to Padargad fort
07:56 Shidi ghat trek route meets Ganesh ghat trek route
08:10 Padarwadi (3rd halt)
08:29 Flat patch after the steep climb
08:40 First glimpse of Bhimashankar walls
10:03 Bhimashankar temple surrounding
10:15 Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga temple can either be reached by vehicle or trekking. If going by vehicle, one has to take diversion at Talegaon and head for Bhimashankar. If one is going by trekking, one can go from Karjat or Neral.
The cheapest way to reach is by alighting at Karjat or Neral railway station from trains coming either from Mumbai or Pune. Catch a taxi or tumtum to Kashele and again catch a taxi or tumtum to Khandas. The charges from Karjat or Neral to Kashele is 50 rupees. Taxis and tumtum are frequently available to Kashele as it is a small centre. It is difficlt to get taxi or tumtum to Khandas or return after 6 pm. The cahrges to reach Khandas from Kashele is 60 rupees. One can also reach Khandas by private vehicle and park over there. The trek to Bhimashankar starts from a bridge. One has to take right to reach Bhimashankar via Ganesh Ghat. There is a tar road in the beginning followed by kutcha road. The trail begins after the kutcha road ends. One will come across two diversions- take the one going to the left. The whole trek is well marked with arrow on the rocks and boards tied on trees. After walking for 30 minutes, one will reach Ganesh Mandir. One can take rest over here. The trek route got it's name due to this Ganesh Mandir. On continuing forward, one will reach the Bhimashankar walls view point. One can halt here again and have lemon juice and snacks. From here, one can see the staircase of Shidi ghat. On continuing forward, one will reach the first diversion of Padargad fort followed by second diversion of Padargad fort after 100- 150 metres. After 2 kms, the trek route from Shidi ghat joins the Ganesh Ghat route. Walking further ahead for an hour will take you to Padarwadi. From here, the route is very steep and tiring. After the steep path, there is a flat land for 10 minutes followed by another climb of 5 minutes which leads you to the walls of Bhimashankar. From here, the Bhimashankar temple is just 3 minutes away. One can have food and also get rooms for accomodation near the Bhimashankar temple. One can also visit Gupt Bhimashankar (starting point of River Bhima) and Nagfani point (Highest point of Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary).

Distance of Khandas from major centres (trek route)-
Karjat- 28 kms
Neral- 25 kms
Kashele- 12.7 kms
Mumbai- 92 kms
Thane- 92 kms

Distance of Khandas from major centres (for vehicle)-
Mumbai- 200 kms
Pune- 110 kms
Lonavala- 106 kms
Thane- 197 kms

Trek details-
Base villahe- Khandas
End point- Bhimashankar temple
Time to ascend- 4- 6 hours
Time to descend- 3- 4 hours
Difficulty- Medium in monsoon and winter, difficult during summer
Endurance- Medium in monsoon, medium to high during winter, high during summer

Please keep the nature clean and do not spoil the nature.

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