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Balinese Dance performance has historically played an important role in Balinese society. There are some well-known dances and they can be seen at reg...

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Balinese Dance performance has historically played an important role in Balinese society. There are some well-known dances and they can be seen at regular performances, throughout Bali the island of Paradise. One of the Balinese dance now-days is The Modern dance as a classical Balinese dance accompanied by country & folk genre music in this video and we also call Balinese folk dance which is good for Balinese mixed modern entertainment. Originally the Balinese dance is performed in every village of the island. It is danced in the temple ceremony, wedding ceremony, in the village organization with Balinese music called gambelan, however in the modern days it is performed for visitors / tourist or holiday makers traveling to Bali namely in the hotels, restaurants, in specific events and in other tourist objects. To keep the cultural heritage, dance practice in Bali is done throughout the island. Traditional Balinese dance music in Bali called gambelan and frequently doing Balinese dance festival of Indonesia as well as in Bali. This kind of Balinese modern dance is performed in short duration of time for approximately of not more than 8 minutes. This dance can also be used for welcoming importance people / government people while their visit into a village in Bali island however with Balinese music accompaniment. Once you are on holiday in Bali, please spare your time to witness any kind of Balinese dance performance for your experience, nice, fun and knowledgeable as part of your learning journey program as well. See You in Bali the island of Paradise.

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