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Join us in this walkthrough in Antalya Old Town. In the midst of historical and emblematic sights by the Mediterranean sea, the apple of our eyes, Kal...

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Join us in this walkthrough in Antalya Old Town.
In the midst of historical and emblematic sights by the Mediterranean sea, the apple of our eyes, Kaleici (Old Town), boosts the city’s reputation by attracting hundreds of visitors each passing day. You will find intriguing historical places embracing many activity things to do in Antalya as you lost yourself in a charming place full of winding streets, painted houses, boutique hotels, and shops selling handicrafts. Then, at the end of the exploration, by encountered the Antalya Old Town Marina below, you dive into the new one: vast azure views of the Mediterranean sea. With such an incredible history and colorful setting, property for sale in Antalya Old Town includes historic houses, apartments, and commercial boutiques, providing a short Antalya sightseeing opportunity during the day. A beautiful beach, seafood restaurants, exceptional nightlife, green parks, and many Antalya tourist attractions. If you just want to live in a dream by buying a property, you’re about to amazing experience here.

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0:26 Famous pubs, cafes, and shops in Antalya Old Town
4:02 Kaleici Stunning view terrace
4:47 Road to Old Town Marina
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