Andros Greece Travel Film: The Island of Natural Beauty, Authenticity & Elegance (2021)

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For our detailed Andros Greece Travel Guide visit Hello everyone! Thanks for watching ou...

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For our detailed Andros Greece Travel Guide visit

Hello everyone! Thanks for watching our Andros Greece Travel Film!

0:00 Intro
1:16 Practical Info
2:41 Hiking in Andros
5:33 Foros Cave
6:34 Andros Beaches
7:28 Authentic Towns
9:54 Naval History
11:00 Chora
13:47 Stenies
14:43 Botanical Garden
15:07 Agia Irini Monastery
16:13 Andrion Club

The second largest of the Cyclades, Andros is one of the most unspoilt Greek Islands. Defined by its natural beauty, authenticity & elegance, Andros Greece is a unique under-the-radar island.

One of the best things to do in Andros is hiking. The trails that comprise a network of over 180km are cleared, signposted and maintained by Andros Routes (, a team of passionate volunteers with a vision to showcase the island’s real treasure: its ancient walking paths.

Read about Andros hiking on our website by clicking this link:

Another reason to visit Andros is the island’s beaches. Andros is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Greece. Head to our website via this link to read our detailed guide to the best beaches in Andros!

Our favourite places to visit in Andros are Chora, Stenies and Episkopeio. If you’ve visited Andros in the past or if you want to visit now that you’ve watched our Andros Greece Travel Film, tell us your favourite places to visit in Andros in the comments below!

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1. Andros Island feels like our second home, as we visit many times throughout the year. In May 2021, we were invited to Andros by the Cycladic Tourism Network of Andros ( on a press trip with Travel Bloggers Greece (, Greece’s network of professional travel bloggers. Most of the footage used in this video was shot during this press trip. We'd like to thank the Cycladic Tourism Network of Andros for their hospitality and professionalism. More specifically, we'd like to thank the following people and brands for making us feel even more at home on an island we know well and love dearly:
- Fast Ferries ( for offering us our tickets to and from Andros
- Yiovana Athanasiou ( for initiating the conversations that made this press trip happen
- Christos Balogiannis for co-organising the press trip & for driving us around the island with Explore Andros (, hosting us at Anemomiloi Andros Hotel ( and offering us delicious breakfast at Fresco Juice & Salad Bar (
- Evangelia Kaklamani & Leonidas Zairis of Zairis Pastry Shop ( for making our stay in Andros utterly sweet
- Dimitris Kokkinis for taking us on a precious trip into the island’s past at Andrion Club (
- Captain Lefteris Polemis & Irini Kagia for showing us around Agia Irini Monastery (
- Froso Kaladami for escorting us into the depths of Foros Cave (
- Athina Tsatsomirou for opening the door of the Animal Welfare Society of Andros ( to us & for always opening her heart to the island’s animals
- Louiza Diapouli for sharing the secrets of our beloved Chora with us (
We'd also like to thank the following restaurants & cafés in Andros Greece for having us:
Votsalo Seaside Lounge (
Endochora (
Ta Skalakia (
Sea Satin Nino (
Oti Kalo (
Eftixia Café (
As always, we express nothing but our personal opinions about the places we visit & the experiences we try.
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