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8 Rules To Be A Good Traveler In 2021 - Pandemic Travel Lessons We've Learned On The Road!

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Today’s video is both serious, and admittedly silly at times! But it's all in the name of staying safe and healthy if you will be traveling this year!...

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Today’s video is both serious, and admittedly silly at times! But it's all in the name of staying safe and healthy if you will be traveling this year!

Derek and I took our pandemic travel precautions extremely seriously while we visited in the UK for three months in 2020. We followed the mandatory 14-day quarantine protocol, socially distanced, used PPE, and much more to keep ourselves and others safe. This led to never feeling sick on our trip, and testing negative when we got home.

From our travel experience, we have eight tips that we picked up on the road to help you and locals stay safe on any of your future journeys! These covid 19 travel tips will be helpful to anyone who is planning a 2021 trip or vacation - especially prior to a large vaccine rollout.

Cheers and happy travels!

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1) We are not doctors. We also do not recommend traveling prior to receiving a covid-19 vaccination if you are likely to put your or anyone else's health at serious risk.

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