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5 Historical Places You Don't Want to Miss in Petach Tikva Israel Walking Tours Accessible and Free

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Petah Tikva also known as "Mother of the Moshavot", is a city in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area about ten and a half kilometers east of Tel ...

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Petah Tikva also known as "Mother of the Moshavot", is a city in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area about ten and a half kilometers east of Tel Aviv. It was founded in 1878, mainly by Jews who came from Jerusalem to establish a farming community or a Moshava.
Petah Tikva takes its name (meaning "Door of Hope") from the biblical allusion in Hosea 2:15: "... and make the valley of Achor a door of hope."

In today’s walking tour in Petach Tikva we will follow a trail of a suggested historical tour that I found on an old map published by Israel’s Society for the Protection of Nature. It includes 16 historical sites in the center of the city of Petach Tikva. The path is accessible for people with wheelchairs.

We will start off on Rothschild street and look for the Edmond Binjamin De Rothschild Square which is near the Petach Tikva Shuk Open Market.

We will also pass by Herzl and Jabotinsky streetsname for two important thinkers and leaders of the Zionist moverment.

At the square in honor of the founders of the town or the city of Petach Tikva Yehoshua Stamper and others we will read historical signs and learn about the history of the Moshava Petach Tikva and we will also visit the Great synagogue name for James Yaakov Rothschild, father of the Baron Edmond Meir De Rothschild who funded its building in the end of the 19th century.

0:00 David Ha'ivri Tour Intro
1:30 Walking Rothschild St. Petach Tikva
3:00 HaHistradrot St. Petach Tikva
5:45 Petach Tikva Stores
7:00 Petach Tikva Art Gallery
8:30 Jewish books store
9:25 Bank HaPoalim
11:00 Historical building Petach Tikva
13:10 Edmond Meir De Rothschild Square
16:00 Goodman house historical
20:00 More on Rothschild Street
21:35 Chovivi Tzion Street

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