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안녕하세요 Good day walk 입니다. Hello my friends, I'm Good day Walk. The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a public bike-sharing service in 2015 called ...

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안녕하세요 Good day walk 입니다.
Hello my friends, I'm Good day Walk.
The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a public bike-sharing service in 2015 called Seoul Bikes (“Ddareungi” in Korean). It was designed to be a self-operating rental service that could be used conveniently by anyone. Today in Seoul, there are over 150 rental stations centered in five areas of the city (Yeouido, Sangam, Sinchon, the 4 Great Gates area, and Seongsu). Currently there are 2,000 Seoul Bikes available to users, with plans to expand the project in the coming years. Seoul Bikes are a great way to travel distances that are a bit too far to walk, but a bit to close to bother with public transportation or a taxi. The bikes are eco-friendly, user friendly, and low-cost. Take a bike out for a spin and see a new side of Seoul.
How to Rent a Seoul Bike

1. Go to the official website for Seoul Bikes: Seoul Bikes
2. Register and create an account.
3. A 4-digit code will be generated; remember the code as you’ll need it to for bike rentals.
4. Register your T-money or M-Pass card using the 16-digit card number on the back*.
5. Purchase a rental voucher on the website. You can purchase your voucher in advance of your arrival in Korea as it's possible to purchase rental vouchers while abroad.
6. Head to a Seoul Bike rental station! Use the terminal attached to the bike to start the rental process. Touch your pre-registered T-money or M-Pass card to the terminal and input your 4-digit code.

*T-Money: T-money is a transit card that can be used to ride the Seoul bus and subway systems. Only T-money cards that function nationwide (i.e. all T-money cards purchased after 2015) can be used to rent a Seoul Bike.
*M-Pass: M-Pass is a transportation card exclusively for foreigners in Korea.

Seoul Bike Usage Notice
· Riders must be over 15 years or older to use the Seoul Bike Rental System.
· The Seoul Bike Rental System is open for use 24 hours a day.
· The one day pass costs 1,000 won and the 7 day pass costs 3,000.
· Though bikes can be used throughout the rental period, they must be returned to the rental station (any Seoul Bike rental station) every 60 minutes. Returns that are late incur additional fees of 1,000 won per 30 minutes past the base 60 minute rental period. Rentals that are not returned within four hours of the original rental time will be considered stolen and reported to the police.
· A deposit of 50,000 won is required to rent a Seoul Bike. Deposits are refundable. Once your rental period is over, the deposit will be posted to your card within 24 hours. (Please note that your credit card company may take longer than 24 hours to refund the money to your account.) If the bike is not returned within 24 hours after the rental period has ended, the deposit is automatically forefeit.

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