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20 Countries in 20 Days (Day16-Chapter16) A motorcycle adventure from England to Asia & back again!

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Chapter 16 - Day 16 of the tour Book (UK only - with a written message) https://www.rmtnet.co.uk/shop/books/20-countries-in-20-days-a-riders-tale/ Ama...

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Chapter 16 - Day 16 of the tour

Book (UK only - with a written message) https://www.rmtnet.co.uk/shop/books/20-countries-in-20-days-a-riders-tale/
Amazon Paperback - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B086Y5NQLJ
Amazon Kindle version - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B086YKDTPQ

20 Countries in 20 Days - European motorcycle tour Romania & Hungary


The sixteenth days ride on the European motorcycle tour to Istanbul. A great start to the day, up early and a chat with some Russian bikers before departure. They had ridden over the Transfăgărășan Pass the night before and told us how good it was, however they arrive quite late so did not get the best views.

They had also ridden through Slovakia and said how beautiful it was, so we’ve kept that one in the memory bank for hen we get up that far later in the trip. We would be doing that as a pair and not the three of us but at this moment in time did not know that!

With a new spring in our step we head off and climb the remainder of the Transfăgărășan Pass in Romania. It is a great road which has only been open a few days, so we were very lucky to have been able to ride it.

The sights are amazing on both sides of the Pass looking down on one side that was our route up and then seeing Romania spread out before us as we descended the other side. We spent a bit of time at the top taking pictures and launching ‘Wander’ the drone.

As we descended, the temperatures soared to thirty seven degrees. We discarded layers as we dropped altitude, before getting on a main road to get some miles in so that we could cross the Hungarian border and reach Budapest by a reasonable time.

The European motorcycle tour took us from the heights of Romania down into the valley as we traversed the country to get into Hungary. Our next destination was Budapest but we didn’t always make it to where we expected.

That never bothered us, as we would just ride that next section the following day, we didn’t have any accommodation to reach, so we could do as we pleased.



Ginge says “Romania Baby - If the quality of the flag is anything to do with the condition of the country, we are in for a hard time“.
Mike says “Fucked”!
Simon agree and states “We are, we are going to be Fucked”.
Ginge also agrees and adds “We are”
“Love gypsies” Mike exclaims!

Well, good morning. It’s Day 16 and we are in the Transfăgărășan Pass. We decided to stop last night because it was getting cold, we’d had long day. (The wild Bear that we came across helped our decision to find a B&B).

It was hard work yesterday, slept really well. This morning we are going over the remainder of the Pass and heading up into Hungary and finally onto Budapest for this evening,

Maybe a day off there tomorrow, but hey who knows! No plans on the way back, for 20 Countries in 20 Days.

I think we might beat that - anyway is not a race, so we will catch up soon.

Hope everything is okay and not too hot over there in the UK? It is nice and cool here today at the moment. Can’t see the mountain behind me because it is covered in cloud.

See you later
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