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20 Countries in 20 Days (Day 15-Chapter15) A motorcycle adventure from England to Asia & back again!

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Chapter 15 - Day 15 of the tour Book (UK only - with a written message) https://www.rmtnet.co.uk/shop/books/20-countries-in-20-days-a-riders-tale/ Ama...

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Chapter 15 - Day 15 of the tour

Book (UK only - with a written message) https://www.rmtnet.co.uk/shop/books/20-countries-in-20-days-a-riders-tale/
Amazon Paperback - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B086Y5NQLJ
Amazon Kindle version - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B086YKDTPQ

20 Countries in 20 Days - European motorcycle tour Bulgaria & Romania


The fifteenth days ride on the European motorcycle tour to Istanbul. A big day was planned to head up towards Budapest. The journey now was becoming more suck it and see, we really were in the flow of not having any set goals except to ride and be safe.

The good thing about that is, that time really doesn’t matter. We deal with things as they happen and around 4.00 pm, where ever we are we start looking for somewhere to stop for the night.

This turned out to be one of those days as we came across the River Danube. It blocked our way to Romania and we had to wait a few hours for a ferry to take us to the other side.

The days were never without issues or some kind of problem to solve, or find a solution for. It was my day leading and I had not seen the River Danube as the border between the two Countries. So it was a shock when we arrived there!

I looked on the map and because of the maps scale, I had only seen the black border and missed the river hiding underneath it! A few hours sat chilling and chatting soon made the time disappear as we waited for the ferry to arrive from Romania.

Once we eventually got to the other side, we decided against going over the Transfăgărășan Pass, as it was getting late. It was also getting cold and bumping into a wild bear on the side of the road made us rethink our original wild camping idea.

So we found a little family run B&B, which we thought would be much safer. It also had a warm dry bed and some electric to charge our kit. Not only that but we were going to have a beer or tow and some hot food.

The good thing about travelling in a small group on a European motorcycle tour is that you always find somewhere stay. Romania had lots of places to stay but up in the mountains when it is cold, anywhere will do.


The video

Hi, good morning we are in Bulgaria in a place called Pleven.

Today sees going over the Transfăgărășan Pass in Romania and then hopefully heading up towards Budapest.

River Danube:
Okay so we got to the border crossing which is here. Well, what a surprise we didn't expect to see this behind us and well it's a river (the River Danube stands in the way of Romania).

The nearest bridge is over 200 km away, so the sat nav brought us to the ferry crossing because we still had ferries in there. We have done it before, so will do it again!

(We first had this happen to us in Turkey when Ginge took us to a ferry crossing to get us to Asia).

But this is also the border crossing into Romania, because on the other side of the River (Danube) is Romania.

We have got to wait for the ferry to arrive and we have been told it's about midday.

So we will be getting on the ferry and heading over to Romania in about an hour and half, so that's how it is. The adventure starts here, it does now…

Back to the video:
Not quite sure where we are going to end up today, as we don’t know how long the road is. But that’s what the journey is all about.

Looking forward to it - back on the passes, back on the twisties. Fantastic!
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