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Single camera version. See the version with a rear view camera here: https://youtu.be/t1_kU54SCcc For the first time on Youtube, experience the Lötsch...

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Single camera version. See the version with a rear view camera here: https://youtu.be/t1_kU54SCcc

For the first time on Youtube, experience the Lötschberg alpine pass in 4K, with many interesting facts about things you see along the way, including abandoned tunnels, junctions, former stations and more.
Station names are complete with their altitude and gradients are shown in the top right corner, to give you an idea of what the locomotives are dealing with.

Today we're travelling with 2 Siemens locomotives belonging to the Eurosprinter family, specifically ES 64 F4, equipped to operate in many countries under AC & DC supply power. Leading is a Swiss owned Re 474 and behind it, a leased MRCE Br 189. This is also the first video with a bank locomotive (which pushes from behind), which is required for trains over 1'400t at these gradients to avoid breaking the couplings. See if you can spot it in the rear view camera - although it will be tricky because it's quite a long train.

For those who aren't familiar with Swiss geography, the north is generally hilly with flat parts here and there, whereas the south lies in the middle of the alps, which span from Austria to the east right across to France in the southwest. The first alpine crossing was achieved through the Gotthardbahn in 1882, which runs from central Switzerland to the southern most tip in Ticino.
In 1906, the BLS (Bern - Lötschberg - Simplon) was founded, who pioneered the alpine crossing over the Lötschberg pass, where we will be travelling today. In 2007, a base tunnel was opened, avoiding the steep ramps of the mountain pass and cutting time off the overall journey, however only one third is double tracked, reducing its capacity.
This has led to most northbound freight trains taking the mountain route, while southbound trains tend to be routed through the tunnel, hence most cab ride videos on youtube showing the mountain route being northbound.

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A further video is available with a rear view camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1_kU54SCcc

I hope you enjoyed the video. All videos on this channel may not be redistributed, sold, copied or used otherwise without my written permission.
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